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About Jacoby Auto Electronic & Service

We specialize in solving problems that other shops and even dealers can't -- we are the diagnostic experts that dealerships think of when all of their best techs give up. Here is a copy of a check written to us by a local dealership for a diagnosis and repair of a car that they could not fix after working on it for months and spending thousands of their customer's dollars in un-needed parts. Turned out it needed a diode we purchased at Radio Shack for 3 bucks.

Why is the bill so high, you ask? Well, this was a VERY intermittent problem that took many, many hours to isolate. But the diode was not a guess. By doing proper troubleshooting, we were able to replace the right part the first time without wasting money changing good parts.

This is not a slam on the dealership. They tried their best. We are just proud of our ability to troubleshoot tough problems, and want you to know about it. Kudos to the dealership for doing the right thing and paying an expert to fix their customer's car right the first time. They even supplied their customer a loaner car during the time we were working on it.

How did we get to be so good?

  • We have a state of the art facility with the latest diagnostic computer interface equipment and software, so we can offer diagnosis, service, and repair of ALL Asian and domestic makes and models, as well as many Volkswagen, Volvo, and BMW models and systems.

  • Our staff is honest and experienced -- with a combined experience of almost over 40 years (yikes). We are ASE Certified Master Automobile Technicians, and our technicians regularly attend training seminars to stay up-to-date with today's complex vehicle systems. We are members of the International Automotive Technician's Network, and the Automotive Service Association.

  • We work with most extended warranty contracts, and our comprehensive maintenance program ensures maximum vehicle life and reliability. We can fix anything mechanical, electrical, or electronic on your car.

  • We use only original equipment replacement or the highest quality after-market parts. Most of our work is warranted for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Some repairs may carry a shorter warranty. Repairs to computer circuit boards may carry a 6 month 6000 mile warranty or no warranty at all depending on the situation. We may attempt to repair these circuit boards with your consent when the cost of a new computer is prohibitive (please refer to your final invoice for complete warranty terms).

  • When you call, we answer the phone personally. On the rare occasion you do get voice mail, we will be paged, and return your call fast. We don't have a fancy lounge with Internet access and television which you must pay for.