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Car Care Tips

Repairs Under Warranty

Are you worried about voiding your new car's warranty when you have it serviced at an independent repair shop like Jacoby Auto Electronic & Service?

You shouldn't and here's why!

It is against the law for a dealership to tell you that you must have your car serviced at their service facility in order to preserve your warranty -- unless they are willing to provide the service for free.

In actuality, you can have your car serviced at the shop of your choice (or even do it yourself) as long as you keep records of each service. This law is titled:

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 (

The link will take you to the Federal Trade Commission "Businessperson's Guide to Federal Warranty Law" page. Search the page for the exact phrase:

tie-in Sales

(hint: copy and paste the phrase into your browser's "find on this page" function under the "edit" drop down menu so you don't waste any time)

Read the relatively short "tie-in sales" section for the pertinent part of the law. Of course, feel free to read the whole thing if you're really bored.

Recommended Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Our recommendations are based on over 20 years of experience, and are designed to maximize the life of your car. You may find we recommend some services more often than your owner's manual recommends them. Remember that the recommendations in the owner's manual are geared toward maintaining your vehicle just enough to get it out of warranty. After that, the manufacturer would prefer you just buy a new car from them. If you want your vehicle to perform well far beyond the expiration of the warranty, we highly recommend following this schedule for most vehicles.

What to do When
"Break in" Oil and Filter Change 500 miles
First Regular Oil Change 3,750 miles
Minor Service 7,500 miles
Oil and Filter Change 11,250 miles
Medium Service 15,000 miles
Oil and Filter Change 18,750 miles
Minor Service 22,500 miles
Oil and Filter Change 26,250 miles
Major Service 30,000 miles
Oil and Filter Change 33,750 miles
Minor Service 37,500 miles
Oil and Filter Change 41,250 miles
Medium Service 45,000 miles
Oil and Filter Change 48,750 miles
Minor Service 52,500 miles
Oil and Filter Change 55,000 miles
Major Service 60,000 miles

Service Descriptions

The items listed above may not apply to all vehicles; some vehicles may require other services not listed here. Check your manual, or just ask us for a service schedule for your specific vehicle.

Oil And Filter Change

For most vehicles an "Oil and Filter Change" includes checking & topping all under hood fluid levels, lubricating suspension and drive-line grease fittings, checking operation of external lighting, checking tire condition and pressure, checking wiper blades, and cleaning the windshield.

Oil and filter change should be performed every 3,750 miles.

Minor Service

A "Minor Service" includes all of the above, plus tire rotation and balance, checking and adjusting brakes, a complete visual inspection of the vehicle, testing the battery and charging system, and a road test before and after the service.

Minor service should be performed every 7,500 miles.

Medium Service

A "Medium Service" includes all of the above, plus a transmission service.

Medium service should be performed every 15,000 miles.

Major Service

A "Major Service" includes all of the above, plus replacement of ignition parts (plugs, cap, rotor, ignition cables, etc.); flushing the cooling system; flushing brake fluid; replacing cabin filters, air filter, and fuel filter; servicing the throttle valve and air mass meter; adjusting valves; replacing differential and transfer case fluids.

Major service should be performed every 30,000 miles. Some vehicles do not require spark plug replacement or valve adjustments at 30k.