New Tool!

The latest addition to our arsenal of tools is the new, state-of-the-art refrigerant recycling and recharging station. The Robinair Cool-Tech 34788 is the newest and most accurate automotive Air Conditioning Service unit available today. It is so advanced it complies to government standards that haven't even taken effect yet!

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Technical Resources

Automotive technology is constantly changing. At Jacoby Auto Electronic & Service, one of our goals is to be ready for these changes and advancements when the technology hits our market. Not only do we attend vehicle/system-specific quarterly training, but we also employ some very useful resources to stay on top of our game. Here is a list of just a few of the resources we employ.


  • All Data: a DVD-based service information resource which compiles factory service, repair, and technical data for all of the makes that we service. This information is updated on a quarterly basis.
  • International Automotive Technicians Network: an Internet-based resource of automotive professionals from all over the world. This valuable resource gives us access to the real world experience of thousands of professionals in our field. Using searchable archives and real time forums, ideas and solutions to complex automotive problems are often found in a fraction of the time.

    No one, not even the awesome technicians at Jacoby Auto Electronic & Service, have every solution to every problem instantly. Why not utilize the experience of thousands of professionals in our field to save our customers time and money?
  • Identifix.Com: similar to International Automotive Technicians Network, this service adds a technical hotline service and vehicle-specific information access to diagrams, recalls, service bulletins, reliability reports, and more.

Scan Tools

Today's vehicles are becoming more and more dependent on computer technology. Some vehicles use computers to control even the simplest of circuits on the car. You may be surprised to learn that on many models, when you press your horn button or turn on your windshield wipers or head lamps, you are not actually in control of these devices. Your input simply requests that one of the many computers on the vehicle activates the device. Because of this, we now need to be able to "talk" to your car. To do this we use devices called "Scan tools" or "Scanners."

  • "MODIS" (modular, diagnostic, information system) is a scanner we use to communicate with many vehicles. It has the ability to read and clear trouble codes, display computer sensor and output data, it can also take control of many systems for diagnostic purposes. It has the ability to capture an "in flight recording" of your car's systems to help us determine the cause of various problems. It also contains a four channel laboratory oscilloscope, a vital tool for pinpoint testing of the many sensors and output devices used today.

  • "Mastertech" is another scan tool/lab scope we use. It functions are similar to Modis with the exception that it is the same scan tool used by several car companies including older General Motors Products, Honda and Toyota. We have recently purchased calibration software that enables us to flash program all Toyota, Lexus, Scion vehicles through model year 2007. Many problems can be corrected by updating the computer software on your car. Now we can perform this important service without a visit to the dealership.

  • "Tech II Flash" is the newest addition to our tool arsenal. It is the same scan tool used in every General Motors Dealership and interfaces with every General Motors Product to date including Hummer, Saturn and Saab. This scanner also has the ability to update or "flash" the software on General Motors Products. Similar to running a "Windows Update" on your PC, flashing a car's computer is done to cure software related problems that many vehicles experience. Fortunately, most of these software updates are performed on the vehicle while it is still under the factory warranty but should we find an need to re-flash a car, we have that capability with the Tech II.

  • "Vantage" is not a scanner but a component test meter. It utilizes a powerful graphing multimeter (gmm) and vehicle specific data for efficient pinpoint testing of various vehicle sensor and systems.

  • "Vantage Pro" is the next generation of "Vantage" meter it boasts improved display properties, a two Channel laboratory oscilloscope, graphing meter and vehicle specific data base.

  • Inductive current probes are devices that are relatively new to the automotive repair field. They allow us to actually measure the current flowing through any circuit without physically opening the circuit wiring. This ability has changed the way many problems are diagnosed and repaired. We currently own three inductive current probes.

  • "Power Probe" is sort of like a high tech 12 volt test light. It enables us to test basic 12volt electrical circuits quickly and accurately. It can help us locate shorted or open electrical circuits, test simple lighting circuits quickly, and test relay and solenoid operation.

We employ many other resources and equipment not listed here. Rest assured that we make every effort to be ready for any diagnostic or repair challenge that comes our way. In the rare event we encounter a concern that exceeds our current capability, you will be the first to know. A great example of this is welding: we do have a Mig welder, however our skills at this craft are still in development. Therefore, most welding work will be referred elsewhere (for the time being :-) ).